Green Shavings

Treated with a fungal inhibitor, Green Shavings offer broad-spectrum effectiveness against a wide variety of microbes.

Theyre Green for Good

We use an organic pigment to make identification easy. The green color will not come off even if the shavings get wet.

Naturally Safe & Effective

The active ingredient in Green Shavings is a common, organic food additive. Its tasteless, odorless and is safe for animals and the environment.


Traditional wood shavings in a damp, dark stall are a breeding ground for fungus, bacteria and other microbes that are known to cause hoof problems.

Quality and Convenience

Green Shavings are made of premium, soft, absorbent pine. Screened multiple times to eliminate dust, they are package in easy-to-carry 26lb bales.

Green Shavings: An Introduction

Wood shavings in a damp, dark stall are a breeding ground for fungus, bacteria and other microbes that are known to cause hoof problems.

Now imagine treated wood shavings in your stall. A safe, convenient, economical solution to an old problem.

Green Shavings are specially treated with a common food additive to inhibit the growth of funky stuff. The organic active ingredient, Potassium Sorbate, is safe, tasteless and odorless. It's widely used as a mold, yeast and bacterial inhibitor and as a fungistatic agent in cheese, drinks, cosmetics, wines and pharmaceuticals.

Once the shavings are treated, they are colored green to identify them. The color is fixed and won't rub off or run off when the shavings get wet. Besides protecting your horse, they also add color to your barn and make your horse look great.

They're safe, clean and . . . green. Protect your investment. Ask your trainer, vet or farrier about the benefits of clean, Green Shavings. Your horse will thank you!

How They Work: The Science Behind Green Shavings

Green Shavings are treated at the manufacturing plant with an organic fungal inhibitor and a colorant. The active ingredient in Green Shavings, Postassium Sorbate, inhibits both the germination and growth of a wide variety mold and fungi. It is a broad spectrum fungal inhibitor which means it works on a wide variety of fungal species. It is tasteless and odorless and is so safe that it is one of the most commonly used food additives in the world. It is no more toxic than table salt. As soon as a spore comes in contact with a treated chip, it finds itself in an environment where it is unable to germinate. Even if fungi is able to germinate somewhere else, its growth and reproduction is inhibited as soon as it touches a treated chip. Potassium Sorbate interferes with several fungal biochemical pathways at once to really knock out the problem.

The green colorant helps verify that the shavings have been properly treated. Green means the chips are ready to go! Once the colorant adheres to the wood shavings, it forms a permanent bond and will not run off even if the shavings get wet. Green Shavings are just as absorbent as untreated shavings.

Fungi and molds require a moist environment to grow. On contact with moisture, Green Shavings become even more effective. As soon as water hits a chip, chemicals naturally present in the wood cause the environment to go mildly acidic. This drop in environmental pH causes more Potassium Sorbate to dissociate into Sorbic acid. More sorbic acid causes an even higher level of fungal inhibition. The more favorable conditions get for fungal growth, the harder the Green Shavings work to prevent it from growing.

No germination. No growth. No problem.

About Us

Green Shavings, Ltd is committed to equine wellness through prevention. Partners in the Company are horse owners. Whether showing, ranching or roping, we understand that it s less expensive to prevent problems than to treat them.

Our mission is to help you keep your horse healthy through affordable and convenient prevention. Our development resources include veterinarians, farriers, biologists and trainers. Perhaps our greatest resource is YOU the horse owner.

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